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Countdown to Halloween: Jekyll and Hyde
My fourth submission for…

I have chosen to depict Edward Hyde in his truest sense; as a manifestation of the deepest, most primal part of the human psyche.

"Professional journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll.
My latest formula seems to be working. I have counted 43 days without incident. While Edward continues to rage at me to release him into the world again, I must not allow him to be free. Heaven alone knows what he might do. I had to flee London, as it is now clear to me the contact with such a bustling city only strengthened his animalistic bloodlust. With help from my old medical school roommate, we were able to surgically alter a suicide victim to resemble me, at least enough to allay Scotland Yard's suspicions. If anyone finds this book, know that I did what I did with the best of intentions for mankind. I know realize my original formula did NOT create Edward. It simply awakened him from the depths of my mind and brought him to the forefront. I am now studying the herbal medicines and spiritual exercises of the Orient in an attempt to return him to permanent dormancy. The world MUST believe I am dead until I can find a way to CONTROL this raging demon that exists inside us all."
Alien Files: Norn
One of the ancient space-faring races, the Norn come the lush temperate world of Alvheim. Though their technology is unquestionably advanced, it is not apparent at first glance, as the Norn choose not to employ it in their day-to-day lives. It is the Norn belief that when a machine is created to do the work of a man, it takes something away from the man. Nevertheless, they have been exploring space and studying the myriad races and world longer than most other civilizations have existed.

The Norn are split into two main tribes, the Aesir, who are forgers and wagers of war, and the Vanir, who spend their days in the caretaking and study of nature, which has allowed them to learn to perceive and harness the energy that comes from all elements of nature and control them at will, which most races refer to as magic. To the Norn, it is simply another fundamental part of life.
Alien Files: K'N'Tara
A hale and hearty race hailing from the pastoral planet of H'Chokin, the K'N'Tara evolved from a species of six-legged omnivorous ungulates that travelled across the grasslands and mountains of their homeworld in great herds. Their ancestors took a unique evolutionary path from most hooved animals, as where four of their feet developed into single-digit hooves, their forelimbs retained separate toes that evolved into grasping hands, allowing them to gather food at a much greater pace. Over hundreds of millennia, they evolved to hold their forelimbs off the ground, rearing the front-most part of their bodies in an upright position, giving rise to the humanoid torso they have today.

K'N'Tara biology is such that four of every five foals born are male, and as such, competition for a bride can become very fierce. Though many species consider the duels and competitions that the stallions engage in to earn the right to breed barbaric, it has allowed the K'N'Tara to become the strong and healthy species they are today. Their society has a rigid caste system, with every member playing their part in their civilization. Just a few well-known examples are-

Chiron: Name of the anointed leader of the K'N'Tara and head of their council of elders. Once elected, the Chiron rules until his or her death.

Khan: Military leaders and heads of the Warrior caste. Khan is a position earned through achievement, rather than inherited. Thus, any warrior who tries hard enough may earn it someday.

Caregivers: Females charged with the rearing and education of foals when their parents are not around. Caregivers are genetically altered to be able to continually provide nourishment for nursing foals.
Multiverse: Global Guardians
On Earth-U, after the world's superpowered heroes repelled an alien invasion, the United Nations decided to build a permanent team to respond to global crises. The greatest heroes and heroines of their respective countries were brought together in Paris, France, the sight of the initial invasion, and christened the Global Guardians.

Bushmaster: A herpetologist from Venezuela, Bernal Rojas invented an array of gadgets and devices that mimicked the powers of reptiles and incorporated them into a costume he used for his field research. One day, tracking rare flying draco lizard through the rainforest canopy, Bernal discovered a camp belonging to a drug cartel that had been terrorizing the local people for months. Using his arsenal, Bernal broke up the gang and freed the local farmers they had been using to tend their coca fields. The grateful people gave the costumed figure the name Bushmaster.

Impala: M'Bulaze was a proud warrior born into the Zulu tribe of South Africa. As a teenager, M'Bulaze discovered he could run faster and jump higher than an antelope, and used his newfound powers to combat the militaristic white supremacists in his country, disarming their raiding parties and rendering their camps weaponless and defenseless in the blink of an eye.

Rising Sun: Izuma Yasunari is the grandson of survivors of the bombing of Nagasaki. As with so many survivors, they later developed cancer and died, as did their daughter, Izuma's mother. Izuma and his brother, Wataru, were so horrified by watching those they loved suffer the slow, agonizing death that they both became doctors specializing in treating cancer. Izuma believes the massive amount of energy his grandparents were exposed to may explain where his powers to absorb and channel energy came from.

Seraph: Chaim Lavon is a schoolteacher from Israel, as well as the country's resident superhero. He was gifted by divine powers with the strength of Samson, the Ring of Solomon, the Mantle of Elijah and the Staff of Moses. Seraph is widely loved by the Jewish people around the world for his dismantling of terrorist cells and neo-Nazi cults.

Owlwoman: Wenonah Littlebird is a member of the Cherokee nation. The daughter of a long line of shamans, Wenonah used magic to make a pact with the Owl Spirit, granting her the power to fly, enhanced senses, and the power to turn her nails into shredding talons.

Godiva: Dora Leigh is a stunning British socialite and supermodel in her civilian identity. As Godiva, Dora has the power to control every strand of her hair like a tiny, prehensile limb. Used together, Godiva's hair can be used as a lashing weapon, a means of extending her reach or even to shield herself and her teammates from attack.

Jack O'Lantern: Daniel Cormac was born to a family of poor Irish farmers. Spending his childhood roaming the hills and forests of the Emerald Isle, Daniel discovered a magical portal into the land of the Faeries. Befriending the magical beings, Daniel was given the gift of a magic lantern. When he used the lantern's magic, Daniel's father's fields and orchards burst into bloom, and their sheep and chickens grew fat and bountiful. Their fortunes so vastly improved, Daniel's parents could afford to send him to university in Dublin. While a student there, Daniel continued to guard his lantern. When a group of IRA radicals attacked the campus, Daniel used the theatre club's costumes to make a disguise for himself and used the lantern's magic to capture the gunmen and turn them over to the authorities. Finding crime-fighting to his liking, Daniel became Jack O'Lantern, Ireland's own superhero.

Olympian: Aristides Demetrios is a hefty Greek hero who wears the magical Golden Fleece, though how he found the sacred artifact remains his secret to this day. When he wears the Fleece, Aristides gains all the powers of the Argonauts, including super strength, flight, X-ray vision, teleportation, metamorphosis and super speed.

Little Mermaid: Ulla Paske is a teenage heroine from Denmark. An Atlantean by birth, Ulla's father is from the city of Poseidonis, where the Atlanteans retained their human form, and her mother is from Tritonis, where the people became merfolk. Born a mutant, Ulla can merge her legs into a fish tail to swim quickly and even fly above the water, but can only survive underwater for 30 hours, leaving her parents unable to raise her and thus was raised in the city of Copenhagen by her adoptive parents until she was thirteen years old and her powers emerged.

Tasmanian Devil: The origins of Hugh Dawkins' abilities are unknown (he once claimed that his mother was a were Tasmanian devil who raised him in a Tasmanian Devil cult who gave him a Tasmanian Devil amulet and sold his soul to a Tasmanian Devil after injecting him with radioactive Tasmanian Devil musk from a race of alien Tasmanian Devils. It can be safely assumed, however, that he was joking). Aside from the animalistic powers all werebeasts have, Hugh grows larger and stronger the more danger he's in.

Tuatara: Hailing from New Zealand, Jeremy Wakefield was born with a third eye in the middle of his forehead. Spending most of his childhood in home-schooling to hide his deformity, Jeremy later discovered his third eye gave him the power to see through time. As a man, Jeremy learned to master his power and became a costumed hero, using his power to see through time to perfectly dodge attacks and counter blows. He took the name Tuatara, after New Zealand's native three-eyed lizard.

Wild Huntsman: Albrecht von Mannhein from Germany is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior. Learning this, Albrecht donned his ancient life's enchanted armor and weapons to fight the forces of evil in the modern world. As Wild Huntsman, Albrecht possesses superhuman strength, rides a magical black stallion called Orkan and travels with a fairy hound named Donnerschlag.
Multiverse: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Throughout Earth-79's long and storied history, there have always been times where the fate of the world itself rested in the hands of singular individuals; teams of unique men and women of remarkable skill and ability. In the mid 1930s, such a time has come again. Famed adventurer and scientist Clark Savage Jr. has stumbled across an ancient brotherhood of evil seeking the means to subjugate the world. Quickly as he could, Clark sought out a group of adventurers like himself, and so the newest incarnation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was born.

Green Hornet: A descendent of the legendary Lone Ranger, Britt Reid is the wealthy young publisher of the Daily Sentinel newspaper by day. But by night Reid dons the long green overcoat, green fedora hat and green mask of the mysterious "Green Hornet" to fight crime. He is accompanied by Kato, his valet and bodyguard, who drives their high tech car, the Black Beauty.

The Spider: Millionaire Richard Wentworth, tired of the corruption controlled by his family's so-called peers in high society, was also the ruthless vigilante known as The Spider. Under his signature mask, Richard further disguised his appearance with a wig, fake fangs and vampire makeup. He is aided in his crusade against crime by his fiancée and manservant.

Rocketeer: Cliff Secord was an ace racing pilot and aerial acrobat whose life changed forever when he discovered an experimental rocket pack hidden in his hanger. Seeing a way to become rich, Cliff and a mechanic friend of his modified the pack and designed a helmet to help with steering. However, things changed when Cliff's girlfriend was kidnapped by spies of the Nazi party. Determined to save the woman he loved, Cliff became the costumed hero, the Rocketeer!

The Phantom: It all began a long time ago, when a merchant ship was attacked by pirates of the Singh Brotherhood, and a young boy saw his father murdered by the pirate captain, Kabai Singh. He jumped overboard and was washed ashore on the mysterious jungle island of Bengalla. At first, it seemed like a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, but the Tuganda tribesmen meant the boy no harm. They scooped him up and carried him to their village, where, in an ancient ceremony of fire and drums, the Tuganda shaman presented the boy with a ring of great significance. Discovering the body of his father's murderer, the boy swore on the pirate's skull to fight piracy, evil and corruption in all their forms. So was born the legend of the Man Who Cannot Die, The Ghost Who Walks, the Phantom! Kit Walker is the 23rd in his family line to carry the title.

Zorro: Rodrigo Vega is part of an old family dating back to Spanish occupation of California. When Rodrigo's ancestor too up a sword against the corrupt nobles and federales, he donned a mask and black costume, taking the name El Zorro, the Fox. The legend and the mantle of Zorro has been passed down through the Vega family for over 200 years, each member bringing his own unique aspect to the legend.

The Shadow: Lamont Cranston was a fighter pilot during the Great War. When the war ended, Lamont wandered the world in search of a purpose. Lost and starving in the Himalayas, Lamont was found by a secret order of holy men who brought him to their temple. They healed his wounds and taught him the secret power to cloud a man's mind. Returning to his home and fortune in New York, Lamont took up a career as the masked vigilante known only as... The Shadow!

Mandrake: By all appearances a simple, albeit exceptionally talented, stage magician, the Man known as Mandrake is actually a powerful sorcerer who specializes in hypnosis and illusion based magic. Mandrake also possesses psychic and telekinetic powers, can turn invisible, shapeshift, and teleport periodically. His hat, cloak and wand, passed down from his father Theron, possess great magical properties which in time Mandrake learns how to use.

Lothar: Mandrake's best friend, bodyguard and companion. Lothar and Mandrake first met when the magician was taking a trip to Africa. Lothar is the prince of a powerful federation of seven tribes, but travels with Mandrake in an attempt to learn more about the outside world before taking the throne. Described as the strongest man in the world, Lothar is invulnerable to any weapon forged by man, is impervious to heat, cold and possesses the stamina of a thousand men. He also cannot be harmed by magic directly (fire bolts, force bolts, spell incantations). He can lift an elephant by one hand easily. The costume Lothar wears was taken from a circus strongman who bragged he was stronger than any man alive.

Black Bat: Tony Quinn was a district attorney, a mark of righteousness, unable to be bribed or swayed by criminals into working for the corruption so rampant in city government. Finally, an angry criminal he convicted threw acid into his face, leaving him blinded and badly scarred. Quinn vowed revenge and began to train his other senses and his body. He later secretly received an eye transplant from a slain police officer. His new eyes allowed him not only to see, but he now had night vision due to his time spent as a blind man. Tony decided to use his new ability to become a costumed hero known as the Black Bat. In his costumed identity, Tony used a secret crime lab and drove a heavily modified car. Law officers were against his vigilante activities and tried to deduce his identity. One officer in particular, Captain McGrath, believed Tony and the Black Bat were one and the same and tried to prove it. Ironically, McGrath was Tony's brother-in-law.

Vampirella: A centuries-old female vampire, Vampirella has so many alter egos, it is unsure if even SHE remembers her actual name. Hailing from the hidden vampire kingdom of Drakulon, Vampirella works as one of her people's "stalkers", meaning she tracks down and dispatches criminals who break their laws. Currently, she is living in Los Angela and working as a fashion model. She shares her penthouse apartment with her boyfriend Tristan, a werewolf, who occasionally aides her on her adventures alongside Pantha, a female were-panther.
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People if Fluffy says its for real this time, then listen to her and spread this around

PS: Yeah, this may be old or fake, but I'm not taking any chances.


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