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Multiverse: Enforcers
Earth-930217, a world filled with heroes and villains, some amazing and some downright bizarre. One city is watched over by the Enforcers, a team brought together during an attack by the criminal mastermind, The Terror and his League of Villains.

Mothman: Arthur was a talented young accountant, but never found any fulfillment in his work. One day, attending an estate sale, Arthur bought a mysterious metallic case that couldn't be opened and took it home, using a combination of lock-picking skills picked up from his sister and a cordless power drill to disable the lock. Once he opened the case, Arthur was surprised to discover a superhero suit based on a moth, judging from the antennae and the wings. Donning the suit just for a laugh or something, Arthur actually decided to test the wings and JUMPED from the roof of his apartment building, amazed and delighted when the wings caught the air currents and allowed him to fly! Arthur had finally discovered the thrill he had sought and took the name Mothman to begin work as a superhero. During a mission with the Enforcers, Arthur ended up meeting the granddaughter of the man who invented the suit. The pair have since started dating and she has been teaching him the secrets hidden in the suit, including a sensory array and strength enhancers.

Hercules Beetle: Ted Ricks was a normal suburban family man when he was abducted by a group of criminals working for The Terror, who began to experiment on him, exposing him to energy from a strange ray that caused Ted's body and musculature to grow to astounding proportions, all the while increasing his strength, durability and endurance accordingly. Now super-strong and nigh-invulnerable, Ted was able to break out of the secret lab and escape, leaping over entire city blocks. Discovered by Superion, Ted was taken to the hero's secret stronghold. Superian provided Ted with an armored suit that would allow him to control his massive strength. Taking the name Hercules Beetle, proportionately the strongest animal in the world, Ted became Superian's first recruit for the Enforcers. Happily, as his control over his powers has grown, Ted was able to reunite with his wife and kids.

Superian: Superian arrived on Earth during the Tunguska event in 1908. The world's first and greatest superhero, Superian has been battling The Terror for decades, almost since he first arrived on Earth. As The Terror began to recruit more and more dangerous villains for his cause of world domination, Superian had to accept he could no longer keep up the fight alone and set out to find allies to create a team.

Big Guy: BGY-11 was one of a series of experimental battle robots created for the United States military to replace conventional armored transports. Equipped with a built-in arsenal of weapons and covered in armor stronger than a battleship's, BGY-11 was a literal killing machine... until, during a routine systems check, a bolt of lightning struck him, causing a surge through his processors... and turning artificial intelligence into ACTUAL intelligence. BGY-11 was ALIVE. Disoriented and confused, BGY-11 escaped the base and attempted to figure out his unique circumstances in the desert. Confronted by Captain Patriot, the robot refused to fight her, having realized he didn't WANT to destroy things. Appreciating BGY-11's wish to find a NEW path for his new life, Captain Patriot brought him to the Enforcers. The group removed his tracking beacon and repainted him in red, white and blue to portray a friendlier image than his original gunmetal gray coloring.

Captain Patriot: Janet is a powerful superhero frequently employed by the FBI to carry out missions too dangerous for normal field agents. Carrying the magical Torch of Liberty, Janet has amazing speed, strength and flight. By channeling her energies through the Torch, she can conjure magical fires to use both offensively and defensively.

Urchin: The sewer is not the sort of place you expect to find a superhero, but in the case of Urchin, there is nowhere else he feels more at home. Roy was just a normal sewer worker when he stumbled across a bed of sea urchins, flushed down into the pipes as larvae and mutated by exposure to the various wastes sent down the drain. Falling onto the urchins and impaled on their spines, Roy was changed for life, rendered immune to the toxic nature of the sewers and capable sprouting poisonous spikes from his limbs. Urchin made a name for himself among his fellow sewer workers and the homeless people who lived in the abandoned subway tunnels and sewer junctions of the city's underground, but his big break as a hero came when he exposed the corrupt sanitation commissioner, Lou Salazar. Urchin lives in a surprisingly posh apartment converted from an abandoned subway station and furnished with things he discovers cast away into the sewers, including a small fortune in cash.

Fledermaus: A mysterious warrior of the night, Fledermaus' true identity remains unknown. Appearing from the darkness, he strikes quickly at criminals and supervillains and then fades away into the night. Lacking any conventional superhuman powers, he relies on an arsenal of tools and weapons to augment his formidable physical skills.
Multiverse: Crimebusters
Earth-W was on the verge of Doomsday when its soul superhuman travelled back in time to undo his own origin and thus end the part he had played in a madman's plot.
In the mid 1940s, Dr. Jon Osterman was retrieving the watch of a coworker when the chamber it was in sealed behind him! Before the experiment in quantum energy could activate and atomize the young scientist, a glowing blue figure appeared in the chamber and wrapped around Jon like a cocoon, taking the brunt of the energy and channeling it up out of the base and into the atmosphere. The world would never be the same.

Gray Ghost: Simon Trent is a former Hollywood stunt man who discovered a smuggling ring working out of the studio where he was employed. Using bits and pieces of various costumes, he was able to create the character to confront the smugglers when they met with their buyers, using special effects and his own skill as an actor to convince them they were being pursued and picked off by some manner of phantom. When the papers reported on his activities, he was dubbed "Gray Ghost" and found the name to his liking. He decided to make a go of being a hero for real. When crime haunts the night, a silent crusader carries the torch of justice. Let those with evil hearts beware. Out of the darkness comes the Gray Ghost!

Nite Owl: Dan Dreiberg was the son of a prominent banker who left him a massive inheritance. Dan, however, had no interest in banking, preferring birdwatching and literature to the boardroom. Inspired by Hollis Mason, the costumed hero Nite Owl, Dan invested his fortune in creating an arsenal of crime-fighting hardware, including a variety of specialized costumes and an airship he named "Archimedes". Alongside his technology, Dan trained his body to the peak of human ability and, when he felt he was ready, debuted as the NEW Nite Owl. During his time with the Crimebusters, Dan and fellow member Silk Specter began a relationship and have recently married in a private ceremony attended only by family and their teammates.

Captain Metropolis: As a child, Nelson Gardner was sickly and asthmatic, but managed take control of his own life through years of intense training, eventually joining the Marines. During a mission during the war, Nelson and his squad-mates discovered a group of Nazi occultists attempting to use a combination of science and sorcery to open a portal to another reality and summon something that would wipe out the allies. Nelson's squad ambushed the cultists and wiped them out, but during the firefight, Nelson was struck by a beam of energy that seemed to come from their strange machines. It would be several months before Nelson realized the energies from the machine had changed him, granting him amazing strength, speed and the power to defy gravity and take to the sky. After returning home from his tour of duty, Nelson decided to use his powers to wipe out crime. He designed a costume and became Captain Metropolis.

Silk Specter: Laurie Jupiter is the daughter of the first Silk Specter, who retired from crime-fighting after discovering she was pregnant. As a child, Laurie loved to hear her mother's stories about her adventures with other heroes and decided one day SHE would be a hero, too. As a young woman, Laurie's debut came when she first donned her mask and costume to stop a group of drug smugglers. When the Crimebusters first formed, Laurie met another legacy hero in Nite Owl, the successor of one of her mom's old friends. Over time, the two began to date, eventually revealing their real names to each other, and have since married in a private ceremony attended by their families and teammates.

Rorschach: Walter Kovacs had a hard life. Orphaned when his mother was killed in a home invasion, the traumatized young boy was shuffled from foster home to foster home, like a toy nobody wanted. As a young man, Walter finally found a little stability when he was able to get a job in a garment factory. Walter became fascinated by a special material the factory was using, which was white, plastic-like cloth surrounding blobs of black pigment that shifted and moved according to fluctuations in heat from the wearer. Taking some of the material home, Walter used a pair of heated scissors to cut it and shape it into a full-head mask. Reminded of the ink blot tests he'd sat through so many times in his life, Walter completed his new persona by wearing a trench coat and a fedora hat, like the pulp novel detectives he loved, and took the name Rorschach. During the course of a kidnapping investigation, Rorschach met Nite Owl. The eager gadget-based hero helped Rorschach save the little girl from her kidnapper and the two quickly became friends. Nite Owl even designed and built Rorschach's signature grapple-gun. During Dan's wedding, Walter made a rare appearance without his mask to act as Dan's best man.

Dr. Manhattan: After his encounter with the strange entity, Jon Osterman stumbled out of the test chamber to the shock and delight of his coworkers, and handed Janey her watch. In the weeks that followed, Jon noticed he felt different; faster, stronger, more energized than he ever had been before. It was during a date with Janey that Jon's differences began to make themselves known. When a group of gunmen assaulted the restaurant and attempted to take Jon and Janey hostage, Jon rounded on the leader and PUNCHED him, sending him flying thirty feet and out the front window. As the other gunmen turned their weapons on him, Jon concentrated and caused their guns to collapse into all their individual components. His scientific curiosity piqued, Jon and Janey decided to test his new powers together. Aside from superhuman strength and telekinesis, Jon had manifested the ability to fire beams of energy from his hands, and eventually figured out how to use his telekinesis to levitate himself and fly through the air. Inspired by Janey's guilty habit of reading comic books, Jon designed and costume and reworked a gas mask to hide his face and took the name Dr. Manhattan. having had a lonely and sheltered childhood, Jon has found a group of friends at last, and watching Dan and Laurie's wedding has given him the courage to finally ask for Janey's hand in marriage.
Multiverse: Federation
On Earth-24245, superhumans are called "chojin", because Japan is where they first began to appear. For a time, there was anarchy as people, emboldened by new powers, began to act out every suppressed urge and act, even as their own acts and powers began to warp their bodies into strange, even MONSTROUS forms. Luckily, other superbeings rose to the challenge to stop these new criminals. Thus was formed the Federation, an international group of chojin who fight to protect the world and humanity. Years have passed since the initial founding, and now a new generation of heroes has risen.

Hydrozoa: Hailing from the frigid climbs of Russia, Hydrozoa is a chojin with supreme mastery of hydrokinesis, the power to control and manipulate water in all its forms. His body has transformed into a being of living water held in humanoid form by a semi-permeable membrane, not unlike a jellyfish. Hydrozoa's control over every cell of his body is such he has been seen materializing pieces of his own human skeleton, such as his ribs or spine, and making them emerge from his skin to capture enemies and hold them while he delivers blows.

Checkmate: A homeless child from Monaco, the boy who would become Checkmate was among a group of orphans taken in by veteran hero Sunshine to train as potential successors. Sunshine was a strict and disciplined taskmaster, driving his students to train until the breaking point so they could grow stronger, but it worked. Checkmate grew into Sunshine's prized pupil and came to the Federation with his head held high. Checkmate's powers are... unusual to say the least, giving him the power of the three chess pieces represented in his armor. His most frequently seen, or BASE mode, is King, which grants him amazing intelligence and tactical cunning. When activating his Knight power, he transforms into a black-armored centaur with super speed, and his Rook power turns his body to stone, making him incredibly strong and nearly invulnerable.

Tusker: A powerful young Chojin from Ireland, Tusker is from an old family of fishermen, so it made sense when his powers manifested, his body transformed to take on traits from a powerful sea animal, in his case, a walrus. As a teenager, Tusker's father died in a storm, leaving him to look after his mother and little sister, Dorothy. Tusker entered the Federation's training program in the hopes of becoming a top hero so he could make money to send home to his family. Possessing immense strength and durability aside from his amphibious nature, Tusker is normally a friendly and easygoing young man, but get him angry and he will revert into a primal mind-set attacking his enemies like a savage animal with his claws and tusks until either he or his opponent falls.

Terry the Kid: A proud son of Texas, this young embodiment of the American dream is the son of veteran hero Terry "The Grand" Kenyon. Inspired by his father, a normal human who fought alongside heroes with such amazing skills and powers, Terry decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Federation himself one day. He threw himself into his training, honing his body to the very pinnacle of human perfection before travelling with his father to Federation headquarters to be presented. Though, like his father, he has no real superhuman powers, Terry has frequently faced down monsters and criminals several times his size and strength and come through, proving himself every bit the hero his father was.

Kid Muscle: Mantaro Kinnikuman is the son of legendary hero King Muscle, an alien Chojin from the Planet Kinniku, a large, mountainous world with gravity roughly 30 times that of Earth, which causes its natives to develop musculature far greater than a human. King Muscle was a founding member of the Federation and spent many years leading the fight against evil before marrying and taking his rightful place on Kinniku's throne. Born later in his parents' lives, Mantaro was something of a disappointment to his family dynasty, as he preferred scholarly pursuits to training and fighting in his people's traditions, even going so far as to call his father a musclebound brute who resorted to violence over diplomacy. Everything changed for Mantaro when a group of villains attacked Kinniku's capital city and he saw his father don his uniform to fight alongside the royal guard and protect their people. Sadly, King Muscle's age got the best of him after the battle and he was rendered bedridden to recover from the strain. Seeing his father's virtue and courage for the first time, Mantaro took his father's mask and uniform and travelled to Earth to carry on his family legacy.

Kevin Mask: Born and raised in London, England, Kevin is the son of legendary Chojin hero Robin Mask. Kevin's upbringing was strict, as Robin expected him to take his place in the Federation one day. Kevin was never allowed to play with other children in his neighborhood or go to a normal school. Instead, his every waking moment was spent training and being drilled in his father's fighting style. The boy was even punished severely for simply removing the heavy armored helmet Robin made him wear all day every day. Finally, Kevin couldn't take it anymore. He beat Robin within an inch of his life, destroyed his father's armor and trophies and ran away from home. Kevin would not be seen for almost ten years, having moved to Wales and made a life for himself, including having fallen and love and marrying a small-town girl and finding a job at a local supermarket. One day, returning home, Kevin discovered a group of street toughs trying to break into his home and chased them off. Comforting his wife, Kevin swore to drive the criminals out of their neighborhood forever and dug out his long-hidden mask and armor once again. The young knight had finally found a quest of his own.

Gazelleman: A talented young Chojin from Tanzania, Gazelleman is the prized student of founding Federation hero Buffalomon. Seeing the boy possessed amazing speed and agility, but lacking much in the way of strength or endurance, Buffaloman took the boy under his wing and trained him in how to use his own powers to counter those like Buffaloman himself, who specialize in strength and power-based moves.

Jaegar: Burn in Munich, Germany, the boy who would become Jaegar never knew his real parents. Most of his childhood was spent being raised by a kindly couple he refers to his aunt and uncle... until they were murdered by a gang of anti-Chojin thugs while he was out getting groceries for them. His guardians' last request was that he grow up to be a good and honorable man. Orphaned once more, Jaegar sought out the strongest Chojin in Germany, former Federation member, Broken Jr.  When he found him, Brocken was living as a drunk and was uninterested in doing anything to help himself, much less someone else, but when Jade showed off how strong he already was without any training, Brocken changed his mind and sobered up. Jaegar's training during this period was intense, involving karate chopping a scalding hot cauldron, doing reverse push ups with Brocken on his back, and running through the rain with a cathedral bell tied to his waist by a rope. As a man, Jaegar has perfected adapting Brocken's techniques into his own fighting style, including his master's famous "Red Rain of Berlin", a karate chop delivered with such strength and speed it can cause wounds on an enemy that spray blood like a fountain.
Multiverse: Freedom Fighters
Earth-10 is a dark and dreary place. It has been ever since the Axis won the second world war. For decades, the High Kommand, and their attack dogs, the Reichsmen, have ground any attempt of resistance under their jackboots. Finally, they made the mistake of earning the ire of Dr. Thaddeus Sivana when they executed his wife and children for speaking out against the outdated military government. Wishing to see his former masters destroyed, Sivana secretly defected to one of the larger resistance groups and offered his genius in technology and genetics to create warriors to counter the Reichsmen.

Dollman: Darrel Dane was the resistance's resident doctor, and thus was of use assisting Dr. Sivana in his work. During an experiment, Darrel was exposed to a chemical compound that not only shrank him to six inches high, but also bestowed him with the strength of twenty full-grown men! After learning he could shrink or return to his original height at will, Darrel put his powers to work as a spy and intel gatherer, infiltrating enemy bases and stealing vital data without ever being seen.

Human Bomb: Roy Lincoln was a famous member of the resistance for having successfully beaten the Reichsmen member Leatherwing in a fist fight. While helping the others in a raid to recover Dr. Sivana's notes and equipment from his former lab, the resistance was discovered and attacked. During the firefight, a barrel containing a prototype liquid explosive fell over and dumped its contents onto him. Angered, Roy threw down his gun and socked the closest guard, only for the man's head to be consumed in an explosion. Later examination showed Roy's every cell had absorbed the explosive and could now release explosive energy at the slightest provocation. To help him control the massive energies, Dr. Sivana designed and built a special containment suit.

The Ray: Langford Terrill, "Happy" to his friends, specializes in digging up the secrets the higher-ups in the Axis command would try to hide and making them common knowledge. It was his work that revealed that the Reichsmen's second-in-command, Brunhilde, had been carrying on an elicit affair with a prominent military commander. Volunteering for Sivana's experimental procedures, Happy was exposed to a "light bomb" that transformed him into a being of living energy with the power to harness and manipulate light.

Uncle Sam: A mysterious figure who appeared as Sivana was creating the Freedom Fighters, the man who would become Uncle Sam displayed amazing physical powers that advanced Sivana's research by YEARS. Made the team's leader, Sam donned a costume based on old American political cartoons recovered during supply runs.

Black Condor: John Trujillo is a Navajo, the latest in a long line to protect a sacred cave housing a shrine to the Spider Woman, a Native American sky-goddess. When an Axis platoon attempted to plunder the cave's mystic treasures, John faced them alone. His courage pleased the Spider Woman and she blessed him, granting him flight, telekinesis, the power to summon and control the wind and the strength and speed worthy of a champion of the spirits. Decimating the platoon, John left his home and sought out allies worthy of his new powers. The Freedom Fighters are happy to have a member with knowledge of mysticism to aid their battle.

Phantom Lady: Sandra "Stormy" Knight is MUCH more than just a pretty face. She is the greatest spy and assassin since Mata Hari herself, using her beauty and intellect to make the men she targets tell her anything she wants of their own free will. Unwilling to be genetically altered, she requested Dr. Sivana create a special suit for her that could aid her in her work, granting her invisibility and a ray capable of projecting darkness.

Red Tornado: One of the few things Sivana was able to steal from his original lab was an experimental computer brain created by his colleague, Thomas Morrow. Studying it, Sivana discovered the device was possessed of an artificial intelligence more advanced than anything he'd ever seen, capable of learning and experiencing new emotions just like a real human. Taking a risk, Sivana installed the computer brain into an experimental battle robot. Now capable of moving and interacting with the world, the robot offered his services to the Freedom Fighters, 
Multiverse: Justice Friends
Earth-693 is a peaceful, happy place... at least when it isn't attacked by alien armadas or giant monsters from deep beneath the Earth's crust. To counter these threats, the world's greatest superhumans banded together into one cohesive unit, based out of the Hall of Heroes in New York.

Living Bullet: The world's fastest man, Living Bullet can move faster than the eye can follow, but has trouble making sharp turns when he reaches his upper limits, thus he began to wear his signature armored suit. When he reaches top speed, Bullet's body projects an energy field around him that also allows him to smash through walls and barriers. Outside of work, Bullet is happily married with three children, though his missions keep him away from home more often then he'd like.

Tiki Torch: A flaming hero from Samoa, Tiki Torch is a child of the Polynesian fire goddess, Pele. Emerging from a pool of lava fully formed, he walked across the big island of Hawaii toward Volcano National Park, stopping only long enough to claim a fire dancer's costume to clothe himself. Arriving at his mother's sacred volcano and discovered the object of his quest, a sacred tiki mask hidden by Pele centuries ago. Slipping the mask over his face, so was born the legend of Tiki Torch.

Phan-Tone: A mysterious ghostly hero, Phan-Tone possesses the power to manipulate sonic vibrations. He can concentrate the sound waves of his own voice to the point where they can shatter stone and brick or scream so loud, it can knock down a forest.

Valhallan: Humanity has often been guided by muses, otherworldly entities that direct their artistic pursuits. Beyond the stars lies a world, called Valhalla, where the Gods of Rock and Metal dwell. Among their number is Valhallen, with his mighty axe, sitting at the right hand of his father Motorr. He has watched our world as the music we created drifted away from the hard rock of old into the new forms we have today, which even the volume-loving people of Valhalla can only consider noise. In fact, just LISTENING to modern pop or rap music can actually make them sick and sap them of their amazing powers. Valhallen began his quest, demanding his father send him to our world to restore Rock at any cost. Motorr, the Deity of Metal, teleported him to Earth, where he arrived in time to fight off a group of villains, joining forces with the Justice Friends.

Monkey: By all accounts an ordinary laboratory monkey, Monkey was exposed to countless experiments by the scientist in charge of the lab where he grew up. Though by all appearances, the experiments were ineffective, in fact, they worked perfectly, enhancing Monkey's intelligence to human levels and granting him amazing powers, including heat vision, a sonic screech, superhuman strength, speed and durability, flight and the power to project an energy field around his body. Even his costume is simply created by ionizing the air around his body.

The Infraggable Krunk: A towering colossus of muscle, the being known as Krunk was discovered in the desert of the American Southwest. Attempts to uncover his original identity by tracking his trail have proven inconclusive, the only evidence discovered being a set of tattered clothes and a half-destroyed campsite near an old Cold War-Era military base. Prone to fits of destructive rage and possessing the strength to lift an entire skyscraper over his head, when he is calm, Krunk is actually possessed of a very calm and kind-hearted personality, not unlike that of a child.

Major Glory: One of the greatest heroes in the world, much of Major Glory's life remains secret, even from his closest allies. What he HAS shared is that his superpowers began to emerge when he was just a young boy and he was subsequently taken under the wing of uncle, the Golden-Age hero Uncle Sam, who trained him to fully control his powers and use them in the fight for good. Choosing to continue in his family legacy, he donned a star-spangled costume and a helm baring the likeness of the bald eagle to become Major Glory. As the leader of the Justice Friends, Major Glory inspires the other heroes of his team to be their best.

White Tiger: The greatest hero of India, White Tiger made his first appearance on the streets of Mumbai, stopping a gang of thieves from stealing sacred artifacts from the temple of Ganesh. From what the typically silent hero has shared of his past, he was a treasure hunter who stumbled on the ruins of an ancient city from India's golden age. Deep in the city's treasure vaults, he stumbled upon a huge emerald set into the eye socket of a tiger statue. When he tried to pry the gem free, a beam of energy from it struck him, giving him a tiger's powers, including animalistic strength, speed and agility, slashing claws and lightning-quick reflexes. 

Capital G: A native son of New York, Capital G's mother was a rescue worker who was exposed to radiation on the job. The radiation effected her unborn child in the womb, causing him to be born prematurely, not that you'd know it from his size and weight. As he grew older, the boy realized he had the power to alter his size at will, growing or shrinking as he saw fit, which helped him get into college on a football scholarship. As a young man, his first act as a hero was to stop a group of thieves who had broken into every apartment in his neighborhood by shrinking down to hide in a vase that was subsequently stolen and calling the police to tell them the gang's location. After several such good deeds, he was approached by the Justice Friends, who offered to help him... primarily by providing him with a costume made of unstable molecules that would alter size with him. 

Sam-R-I: A hero from Japan, Sam-R-I is the descendent of an ancient emperor who used a magical katana to destroy the demon-god Akuma. Passed down from parent to child for centuries, the katana eventually fell into his hands after the death of his father during his days at Tokyo University. Drawing the shining steel from its scabbard to examine it closer, the young history student was consumed in a flash of light, his body clad in a suit of samurai armor seemingly made of the same alloy as the sword. What he actually saw that day remains unknown, but after that day, he swore to uphold his ancestor's fight against the forces of evil.

Miss Spell: A young woman from Salem, Massachusetts, Miss Spell is ironically from a family of REAL magic-users, who managed to escape the infamous witch trials of the seventeenth century. Throughout her childhood, she was trained in the ways of magic, countless hours spent memorizing incantations, rituals and words of power until she became a master as a young woman. She never considered heroics as a path until Salem was attacked by a demon warlord. Using her powerful magic, she was able to defeat the monster and perform a ritual to seal him away once more. 
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DragonofParadise Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey bud, just letting ya know I won't be making it tonight. Sorry in advance.
MalchiorOfNol Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017
No problem, man.
megawing Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017
ever thought about doing the Justice Friends form Dexter's Lab?
MalchiorOfNol Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017
Believe me, I'm TRYIN', but it's HARD making those goofballs serious.
MrCaptainA Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017
Happy Birthday, Danny!
BSDigitalQ Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the watch. :)
MalchiorOfNol Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
No problem.
MrCaptainA Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
Happy Birthday, Danny!
MalchiorOfNol Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
Thank you very much.
DragonofParadise Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya bro,

I'm writing to let you know that I'm fine. I'm messaging you on a computer at school to tell you that internet at my house is out. Tomorrow, some technicians from my internet provider will be coming over to take a look. Hopefully by then I'll have internet back and things will be back to normal. I miss you, and I've been struggling without hearing from ya. But hopefully things will be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon.
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